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As I stepped onto the first step of the bus his hand slapped against my ass cheek and he pushed my ass up the stair. He merely smiled at me and his pretty brown eyes widened as if he knew of his violation but he didn’t care.

“I am only to help you, Ma’am.” He said in broken english, glaring deep into my soul.

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I had already felt a twinge in my panties that I was desperately trying to rid as I took the last step up to the floor of the bus and tried desperately not to bump anyone as those ahead of me slowly caught an empty seat and stashed away their belongings in the compartment above.

The lane began to clear and I started to quickly move to the back but the old man in front of me stopped short and I did as well.

A bus, however would keep me from getting into trouble so I packed up my little weekend travel bag and headed to the bus Depot.

I purchased my ticket and waited around a bit until the schedule was announced and the bus was boarding.

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